pinger - GTK/ncurses multiping utility
What is it?

A cyclic multi ping utility for selected addresses using GTK/ncurses. You simply write addresses into a configuration file and after execution of pinger, you will see small nice window, which inform you about current status of selected hosts and their triptimes.

See screenshots.

This program is written under GPL licence.

If something goes wrong, write me. It is not disturbing, it is doing the right thing.

What's new?

2014-10-11: pinger 0.33 is out!


Need testers! I'll be happy if you report any error on my mail (in README).

Devel version, snapshot, best for testing
Releases, see NEWS for what's new in releases
Debian, since version 0.32 there are also debian packages available (experimental, created without Debian)

See README (included in archive) for installation instructions.


At least one of the following is required. Note that the GTK versions are mutual exclusive. Pinger can only use one GTK version at the time.


For people contributing to this project see AUTHORS file inside the package.


GTK pinger

Pinger in GTK mode

Curses pinger

Pinger in curses mode in Czech language

v0.21 gtk pinger

.. and the advanced v0.21 antialiased gtk version